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Pomeranian Genealogy

Kreis Netzekreis

Kreis History

  • Part of the Provinz Posen prior to 1918 (from parts of Kreise Czarnikau, Filehne and Kolmar in the administrative district of Bromberg). It became German and a part of Posen after the First Partitioning of Poland in 1772.
  • After World War I it became part of the Provinz Grenzmark Posen-Westpreußen in 1918-1938 and was renamed Netzekreis.
  • In 1938, it became part of Pomerania.
  • Netzekreis takes its name from the Netze River.
  • Frederick the Great had the Netze meadows drained to make grazing land for cattle.
  • This area had sawmills and furniture factories to process the forests.
  • There was an abundance of fish in the many lakes and rivers.
  • Schönlanke (today known as Trzcianka) was the capital city, and had cloth, shoe, and net factories.
  • Kreuz (today known as Krzyz Wielkopolski) was the other major town that was situated on a major intersection of the railway from Berlin to Bromberg, and Stettin to Posen.


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