Cestkowski Family Reunion
June 20, 2009
Fox Point, Wisconsin

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The party prelude.

Remnants of the feast.

CIA guy, urban teaching success, and two nurses.

Fun of seeing each other again.

Aggie's kids.

Conover guys and their ladies.

Brie enjoying the party.

Pretty Holly and friends.

Serious thought?

Family conversation.

Jeanie's boy between friends.

Lovely Carol and friends.

Good Polish beer and witty conversation.

That Houle guy with Nick and Terry.

Four handsome men!

What did Chet say?

Whose back is that anyway?

Three wonderful ladies.

Interesting conversation.

Wanda's boy between friends.

A yard full of brilliant men!

Sue, Christine, and Peggy.

Great conversation.

Mary Ann, Jeanie, and Kathy with two smart guys.

Ladies in pink and the brilliant young men.

Dinner in a sylvan garden.

Peg, Mike, Jean Marie, Jim and Mary Ann solving world problems.

Oh, those photogenic Dussaults!

Our very own Dr. Mike.

Pretty Peg with the pretty hat.

Two lovely ladies.

The McClone girls' men.

Leo, Mary Lou, and that charismatic Christine.

Family memories.

Look at that lovely lady in lilac!

Peggy, Mary, Marshall and Kathy enjoying pictures.

Family nostalgia.

Marshall, Leo, and Jeff in Duane's tent.

Uncle Mike and Marshall.

Muffie advising her big sisters.

The hostess with the mostest.

Terry and friends.

Regina's girls.

Regina's girls and their guys.

Pat enjoying the futre physician, Nathan.

It's great to be cousins!

Three beautiful women!

Mike's ladies.

Aggie's boys.

Miss Personality.