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Genealogy Forms

There are numerous forms available for family historians to help them get organized in an efficient manner.

Pedigree Charts -

These are visual representations of the "bloodline" of an individual, and are intended to trace the genetic ancestry. The chart begins on the left side of page with a box or line for the main subject. Next are two boxes to the right - one for the father and one for the mother. Each of these boxes is linked to the parents of that individual. The chart continues in this manner.

Family Group Sheets -

Each sheet represents one family unit - father, mother, and all children. The essential data associated are the birth, death, marriage, often baptism, and burial information of the individuals. The children should be listed in order of birth.

Research Log -

A research log aids in documenting where you obtain information and in avoiding duplication of searches. Start a research log for each individual, surname, or location. The research logs may be kept in a file alphabetically by subject, or in the front of the relevant folder.

Internet Research Log -

This serves the same purpose of a research log. Information recorded should include the date of the search, the search terms used, the URL of the website visited, the name of the website, and notes on the site's organization and information. The easiest may be to maintain this log on your computer, and paste in information as you search.

Communication Log -

This is an aid to tracking communications received and contacts made. Include the subject, spaces for each communication sent or received, the sender or recipient, address and date, the basic content, and the response made with date.

For more information on these forms, see the article by Smith, Gary. "Genealogy Forms," NGS NewsMagazine 31 July/August/September 2005. pages 46-49.


  • About Genealogy Free Form Downloads. Download free family tree charts, pedigree charts research logs, and other free genealogy charts and forms to help you in your genealogy research and keep your family tree organized.
  • Downloadable forms and charts.
  • The Bailey's Free Genealogy Forms. PDF forms offered for downloading at no charge by two amateur genealogists willing to share.
  • Croom Emily Anne. Unpuzzling Your Past Workbook. Cincinnati, Ohio: Betterway Books, 1996. Includes forms with rights to copy for personal use.
  • Easy Genealogy Forms. If you have a spreadsheet program or your word processor has a Tables feature, genealogy forms can be produced easily with these templates.
  • Family Tree Magazine. Free downloadable forms. All the research forms are available in two formats: text and portable document format (PDF). The text versions give you the basic form structure in files you can open in your word-processing software. You can print, edit or even type your information right in the file. The PDF versions are read-only files with snazzier designs—they're suitable for displaying or sharing your research with others.

  • Family Tree Templates. More than 20 family tree templates you can download and print for free. Or, download customizable versions for just $4.
  • Freedom of Information Services. Automated request form for requesting information under the FOI (Freedom of Information Act).

Census Extraction Forms

  • Ancestor Detective, LLC. Clooz version 2. Software contains templates for all United Stztes federal population and non-population censuses.
  • Free downloadable census extraction forms for 1790-1930. Requires Adobe Reader.
  • Census Tools Spreadsheets. Downloadable spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel and PDF format for useful census (and other) research worksheets.
  • Croom, Emily Anne. Unpuzzling Your Past. 4th edition. Cincinnati, Ohio: Betterway Books, 2001. Contains extraction forms for 1790-1930 and a census checklist.
  • Freed downloadable census extraction forms for 1790-1920. These are in Adobe Reader PDF format.