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Genealogy Resources


  • American History. Smithsonian National Museum of American History. A timeline links to stories and photos from Smithsonian museum exhibits.
  • American History Timeline.
  • American Local History Network. ALHN is a nonprofit public benefit corporation whose purpose is to serve as the hub of a network of freely-accessible, independent historical and genealogical Web sites maintained by volunteer webmasters. All their sites are categorized by State or Topic. Most databases are unique, and has become an important portal to genealogical databases online.
  • American Memory Collection Finder. Library of Congress.
  • Civilian Conservation Corps. The Civilian Conservation Corps was established during the Depression by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to provide employment for many young men.
  • Cowan, Thomas Dale and Jack Maguire. Timelines of African-American History: 500 Years of Black Achievement. Berkley, 1994.
  • Cussans, Thomas, et al., editors. The Time Atlas of European History. New York: Harper-Collins, 1994.
  • eHistory. A great resource for historical information, this site has thousands of pages of historical content, timelines, battle outlines, biographies, images, maps and more. This collection of primary sources, documentary material, personal histories, online books and reviews offers a window into the past for students and scholars of history. Ohio State University.
  • Eye Witness to History. Learn about the past from the people who actually lived it. Accounts from 664 B.C. all the way to modern times. Fascinating first-person accounts of famous events.

  • Gagel, Diane VanSkiver. "They Went West: Colonial and Territorial Records." NGS Magazine 34,4 (October-December 2008): 35-39.
  • GenDisasters. A genealogy site, compiling information on the historic disasters, events, and tragic accidents our ancestors endured, as well as, information about their life and death. Database and records searchable by surname.
  • Heinemann, Sue. Timelines of American Women's History. Berkley, 1995.
  • Links to the Past. Provides information about historical sites maintained by the National Park Service.
  • Making of America
  • Mayflower Web Page
  • Morris, Jeffrey B. and Richard B. Morris. Encyclopedia of American History. 7th edition. Harper Collins, 1996.

  • Nelson, glade I. and John M. Kitzmiller. "Medieval Genealogy," chapter 20 (pp. 753-774) of Printed Sources: A Guide to Published Genealogical Records, edited by Kory L. Meyerink. Salt Lake City, Ancestry, c1998.
  • An Outline of American History from the US Department of State.
  • The People History. Scan decades and individual years to see what the world was like at that time, from historical events to the cost of a new house, a Waterman pen or the food that went onto the dinner table.  Find out what happened in the year you were born.
  • Poulton, Helen J. The Historian's Handbook, A Descriptive Guide to Reference Works. Norman, Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma Press, 1972.
  • Prucha, Francis Paul. Handbook for Research in American History, A Guide to Bibliographies and Other Reference Works.. Lincoln, Nebraska: University of Nebraska Press, 1994.
  • Schlesinger, Arthur M. Jr. The Almanac of American History. Barnes & Noble, 2004.

  • Sheppard, Walter Lee. Feudal Genealogy. Washington, D.C.: National Genealogical Society, 1975.
  • Sturdevant, Katherine Scott. Bringing Your Family History to Life Through Social History. Cincinnati, Ohio: Betterway Books, 2000. Excellent guide for putting ancestors in historical context.
  • US History Timeline.
  • United States of America Chronology.
  • Waldman, Carl. Timelines of Native American History. Prentice-Hall, 1999.
  • World History: HyperHistory  HyperHistory Online navigates through 3000 years of world history with timelines of civilizations (plus maps), people, and events.