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Genealogy Resources

Language Tools

  • Family History Library Letter Writing Guide. Guide to writing genealogical requests in various languages.
  • Family History Library Wordlists. Wordlists to help translate church and vital records.
  • Google Language Tools. Includes a Web page translation tool and a list of Google sites for other countries.

  • Google Translate. Translates as you type.
  • An online directory to language dictionaries and translation tools.
  • Polly Glotto. Tool to translate genealogical terms from 13 languages and hear the translation.
  • Search Engine Watch. To locate search engines that are coded in different languages.
  • Shea, Jonathan D. and William F. Hoffman. Following the Paper Trail: A Multilingual Translation Guide. Teaneck, New Jersey: Avotaynu, 1994.
  • Systran Language Technologies. Has a translation engine. Type in any language and get a translation to any other language. Translate a full Web page when you provide the URL.
  • Text to Speech. Write something in the text box and then click on "Say it," and you will hear whatever language you choose. You can also choose the voice you prefer to hear.