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Local History

Local histories describe the settlement of an area and the founding of churches, schools, and businesses in that area. They may contain information about families. Some county and town histories include separate sections or volumes containing biographical information. Even if your ancestor is not listed in a history, information on other relatives may be included and may provide important clues for finding the ancestor. A local history may also suggest other records to search.

Many county histories were published in the latter part of the nineteenth century, and they often contain brief biographies of the residents. These biographical sketches may include the names of the individual’s parents and grandparents, the maiden name of his wife, and the names of his children, their spouses and children, along with dates and places of family births, marriages, and deaths. Many early county and town histories have been reprinted with indexes, which makes them easier to use. In recent years, new county histories have been published, most of which include genealogical information on early families and current residents. Filby’s A Bibliography of American County Histories lists about 5,000 histories of U. S. counties.

The Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., has a large collection of local histories.  Kaminkow’s Local Histories in the Library of Congress lists the library’s holdings in 1976. These volumes are available in libraries with larger genealogical collections.

The LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City has a large collection of family histories, county histories, and other published material. These materials are listed in the library’s catalog, which is available on microfiche or CD-ROM at LDS Family History Centers and other libraries throughout the United States. Some books have been microfilmed, and the microfilm can be borrowed from the Salt Lake City library at a Family History Center. To find a Family History Center near you, enter your city, county, state, and country on the LDS FamilySearch site.

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  • USGenWeb Project. Site from which the fifty state GenWeb projects can be accessed. An individual state project can be accessed directly by adding the two-letter state abbreviation to the USGenWeb address, e.g., OHGenWeb <>. These state projects will eventually have pages for each county. Some county pages provide information on the availability of birth records and other records that provide birth information.