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Occupations and Trades

  • Clunies, Sandra MacLean. "Keeping the Flame: The Life of a Lighthouse Keeper." NGS NewsMagazine (January/February/March) 16-19.
  • Colonial Occupations. This information from "Old Farmer's Almanac," reprinted in Dec. 1986
    by "Roots Digest," Ronald A. Bremer, Publisher

  • Occupations Mailing Lists. By John Fuller and Christine Gaunt
  • Old Occupation Names. Hall genealogy website.
  • Prechtel-Kluskens, Claire. "The Nineteenth-Century Postmaster and His Duties." NGS NewsMagazine 33, 1 (January/February/March 2007): 35-39.
  • Society of Brushmakers' Descendants. The SBD is a Historical Society/ Family History Society that specialises in the brush/broom making trades and those who have worked therein for the past few hundred years. The Society of Brushmakers' Descendants aim is to help and inform its members, and to discover and prove links between Brushmakers' families.
  • Stamm, Patricia Walls. "Occupations in Our Family Tub." NGS NewsMagazine (January/February/March 2006) 12-15.
  • U.S. Railroad Retirement Board and Genealogical Information after 1936