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Listed as one of the "50 Top Sites for Genealogy Research" by Internet Genealogy, Aug/Sept 2012

Genealogy Resources

Genealogy Search Engines

  • Genealogy Search on Google
  • Genealogy Site Finder
  • I Found It! (Search engine devoted to genealogy)

  • A free search engine geared toward genealogists and people interested in learning more about their family history, launched on 16 March 2011.
  • MultiGen (Searches multiple genealogical databases)
  • One-Step Web Pages, by Steven Morse. A more effective search engine to access immigration records, census, and vital records, and some Jewish databases.
  • Search Engine Wiki. To find a list of search engines for any place in the world.
  • ZabaSearch. Free People Search and Public Information Search Engine Contains mix of outdated and current data, plus birth month and/or year for some individuals.