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Weather information was not really kept in the 18th century. Weather information is most likely only found in personal journals. In the late 1800s, the military was keeping some documentation of the weather, but not until the late 19th century were regular weather reports kept.

You may find evidence of how the weather affected your ancestor through home sources, maybe journals, insurance claim papers, and newspaper clippings. Beyond that, newspapers, the journals and diaries written by community members and weather-related sources like monthly weather reviews might assist you.

As you research your family history, start thinking in terms of what your ancestors' everyday lives were like and how all aspects of life, including weather, may have affected them.

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  • GenDisasters. Provides a look at how disasters, including weather disasters, impacted our ancestor's world. The website includes over 15,000 disaster-related articles as well as message boards. You can even add information that you know about a disaster to the website.

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  • One way to learn more about what was happening with the weather historically is something called "On this day in weather history" on this site. This weather summary provides information on significant weather events during various years, including any related death counts and provides the name of the website where the information was found.