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The Lutheran church records are the primary source for genealogical research in Norway. Church records are crucial for Norwegian research. The Evangelical Lutheran Church became the state church (Statskirken) or national church (Den Norske Kirke, lit. The Norwegian Church), after the Reformation in 1536. As such, it is an arm of the national government. The church keeps the vital records for the government.

  • 1910 Norwegian Census.

  • Andresen, Harald. Norsk Lokalhistorie: En Bibliografi. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget, 1969.

  • The Digital Archive (Norway)

  • Digital Books.  Links to 255 digitized books.

  • Digitalarkivet -- Å finna informasjon i Digitalarkivet. 1900 Census.

  • Digitalarkivet -- Skannede kirkebøker. Parish Registers.

  • FamilySearch: Norway Web Sites.

  • FamilySearch: Research Outline for Norway.

  • Flom, George T.  A History of Norwegian Immigration to the United States: From the Earliest Beginning Down to the Year 1848. Baltimore, Maryland: Reprinted for Clearfield Co. by Genealogical Publishing Co., 2002.
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  • Herrick, Linda. Norwegian Research Guide. Janesville, Wisconsin: Origins, 1998.

  • Herrick, Linda. Norwegian Research Guide. Janesville, Wisconsin: Origins, 2004.

  • How to Trace Your Ancestors to Norway. By Yngve Nedrebø. The information gathered here can help you trace your Norwegian ancestors. You may also find it useful if you want to know how to track down relatives who are still living in Norway.

  • Lovoll, Odd Severr. Promise Fulfilled: A Portrait of Norwegian Americans Today. Minneapolis, Minnesota: University of Minnesota Press, 1998.
  • Moen, Margaret. "How to Use the Norwegian Naming System to Your Advantage." Everton's Genealogical Helper 61, 1 (January/February 2007): 58-62.

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  • National Archive of Norway -- Digital Archive.
  • Nedrebø, Yngve. How to Trace Your Ancestors in Norway. Oslo: Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1996.

  • Nordic Pages

  • Norway Heritage Hands Across the Sea. Contains Transcribed Passenger Lists, Information about ships, shipping lines and ship schedules.
  • Norwegian Historical Data Centre. Has the Norwegian Census records online. Can be searched by name, community, and farm name and by county and parish.
  • Norwegian - University of Bergen - Census

  • Passenger lists and emigrant ships from Norway Heritage.  Norway Heritage: Hands Across the Sea.
  • Solem, Jan Fredrik. Norsk Slektshistorisk Bibliografi, 1963-1984. Oslo: Statens Bibliotekhøgskole, 1985.
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  • Thomsen, Finn A. The Beginner's Guide to Norwegian Genealogical Research. Bountiful, Utah: Thomsen's Genealogical Center, 1998.

  • Thomsen, Finn A. Genealogical Maps & Guide to Norwegian Parish Registers. Bountiful, Utah: Thomsen's Genealogical Center, 1988.

  • Velkommen to Norway Genealogy.  Norway GenWebProject.