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  • Chorzempa, Rosemary A. Korzenie Polskie, Polish Roots. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 2003, 1993.
  • Discovering Roots. (Kasia Grycza and Lukasz Bielecki). Polish researchers.
  • HalGal. Information on Halychyna / Eastern Galicia. Starting point for anyone researching their ancestral roots in Western Ukraine / Eastern Galicia. Many of the pages are also useful for Polish researchers of Western Galicia.

  • Jensen, Cecile Wendt. Sto Lat: A Modern Guide to Polish Genealogy. Rochester Hills, Mich: Michigan Polonia, 2010.
  • Jensen, Cecile Wendt. "Welcome Home! -- Witajcie w domu! You Are Four Steps Away from Your Polish Village." NGS NewsMagazine 34, 1 (January-March 2008): 41-45.
  • Language and Lineage Press. Language and Lineage Press publishes information relevant to genealogical research in Central and Eastern Europe, with particular emphasis on Poland and Lithuania.
  • Michigan Polonia. Polish research.
  • Ortell, Gerald A. Polish Parish Records of the Roman Catholic Church. Milwaukee: Polish Genealogical Society of America, 1996.
  • Poland and Genealogy
  • Poland GenWeb.
  • Polin Travel Owner. (Tomek Cebulski). Jewish guide and genealogist.
  • Polish Genealogical Society of America

  • Polish Researchers and Guides
  • PolishRoots - The Polish Genealogy Source. May be the best Polish genealogical site for those researching their Polish ancestry.

  • Poznan Marriage Indexing Project. Marriage indexing for the 1835-1884 period within the former Prussian province of Posen, now Poznań, Poland.
  • State Archives of Poland.

  • Wellauer, Maralyn A. Tracing Your Polish Roots. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Wellauer, 1979.