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  • List of former Serbian exonyms in Vojvodina. This is a list of former (or historical) Serbian language exonyms for towns and villages in the Vojvodina region of Serbia. List includes former names of modern settlements as well as names of former settlements that either ceased to exist either were joined with other settlements.
  • List of populated places in Serbia. This is the list of populated places in Serbia (excluding Kosovo), as recorded by the 2002 census, sorted alphabetically by municipalities. Settlements denoted as "urban" (towns and cities) are marked bold. Population for every settlement is given in brackets.
  • Rodoslovlje: Serbian Genealogy Society. The rich history that Serbia and the region have to offer, make the SGS a diverse group of people who are engaged in family history. We all share the same common love for genealogy. The SGS website can be your portal to discover your family roots. We have something for everybody.