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Yearbooks are a good sources of information for family history. A yearbook, also known as an annual, is a book to record, highlight, and commemorate the past year of a school or a book published annually. Virtually all American, Australian and Canadian high schools, most colleges and many elementary and middle schools publish yearbooks. The term may also refer to a book of statistics or facts published annually.

  • Grandview Heights High School Digital Yearbooks. The Grandview Heights, Ohio High School Digital Yearbook collection contains nearly 12,000 pages of images from 1915 to 2005.

  • Laurel County Public Library Digital Yearbook Collection

  • Loyola University Chicago Yearbooks. Digitized through the University Archives and the CARLI Book Digitization program, these volumes contain a wealth of information about the growth of Loyola, the activities of its students, as well as writings by students. After selecting the year you would like to view, yearbooks can be read either online, by PDF, or even on your Kindle. View all download options on the right-hand side of the yearbook's page.

  • North Carolina College and University Yearbooks. Student yearbooks provide a window into college life in North Carolina from the 1890s to the present. From sports teams to sororities, fashions to hairstyles, these volumes document the changing attitudes and culture of college students year by year. The North Carolina Digital Heritage Center is working with colleges and universities around the state to digitize student yearbooks and make them available online. Both public and private schools are participating in this project.

  • St. Lawrence-Lewis School High School Yearbooks. The St. Lawrence-Lewis School Library System, New York, collections consist of high school yearbooks digitized by participating school districts.

  • Temple University Yearbooks. Temple University’s general yearbook, as well as a number of yearbooks issued by our professional schools, all featuring searchable full-text.

  • University of Delaware Digital Yearbooks. The two digital collections contain an electronic reproduction of every yearbook published for both Delaware College and the Women’s College as well as the University of Delaware.

  • University of Iowa Yearbooks. Published from 1892 until 1992 (except for a brief interruption during the 1970s), The University of Iowa's Hawkeye yearbook features student portraits, photographs of the campus, club and team information, and frequently a foreword by the administration. These documents highlight the continuity and change of life on The University of Iowa campus during late 19th and 20th centuries. Please note that from 1892-1946 the yearbook was a project of the junior class and therefore editions from that time were dated to reflect the class’s graduation year, not the year of publication.

  • University of South Carolina. Garnet & Black Yearbooks. Select a year from the menu to open that yearbook. Each yearbook is bookmarked and fully searchable.

  • University of Tennessee. Volunteer Yearbooks.. The Volunteer Yearbook was first published in 1897 and continues to be one of UT's oldest traditions. With the exception of the 1918 interruption of school activities by World War I, the Volunteer Yearbook has appeared annually ever since.

  • University of Wisconsin -- Madison. Badger Yearbooks. The first yearbook of the University of Wisconsin was published in April 1884 and called the Trochos, which is a Greek word for badger. The second yearbook, also called Trochos, was not published until 1887. The first Badger was published in February 1888, and the Badger was published until 2003, with one hiatus in 1973-74. The Alumni Association helped publish volumes for those two years which basically only contain student photographs.