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(Provinz / Province) [Presently in Schleswig-Holstein]

Some basic facts about Schleswig-Holstein: (from Uncapher, Wendy K. and Linda M. Herrick. German Maps & Facts for Genealogy. Janesville, Wisconsin: Origins Books, 2002)

  • Size: 7,059 square miles (compared to New Jersey at 7,468 square miles)

  • Population: 1835 - 772,974; 1845 - 842,264; 1855 - 956,480; 1871 - 1,045,419; 1875 - 1,073,926 (536,776 males and 537,150 females)

  • Dominant Religion: Protestant (1871 - Evangelical - 1,034,363; Catholic - 6,276; Other - 1,024; Jewish - 3,743; Non-Christian - 13)

  • Since 1949 part of: Schleswig-Holstein

  • Formerly: Duchy

  • Prussian: Schleswig 1864-1947; Holstein 1866-1947

  • Principal crops: rape, flax, fruit, wheat, rye, sugar beets, potatoes, vegetables

  • Livestock: cattle, horses, beekeeping

  • Industry: oysters, shipbuilding, leather, cattle breeding, tree nurseries, textiles, fishing

  • Minerals: rock salt

  • Rivers: Weser, Elbe, Trave, Eider (Harbors at Flensburg, Kiel, and Lübeck)


Schleswig-Holstein -

  • Die Bevölkerung des Herzogtums Schleswig am 13.Februar 1803. Sponsored by the Genealogy Work Group-Holstein e.V., this site has databases of the population of this area in 1803, and a listing of Emigrants. It is a work in progress.
  • Dithmarschen Emigrants (1868-1920) A listing of about 3600 people who emigrated from Dithmarschen, Schleswig-Holstein. A Genealogical Researcher in Dithmarschen (Mr. Jochims) has spent two years to compile this database of the applications for emigration [Landesarchiv Schleswig Abt.309]. He also used some other sources to build this base; not for all persons listed here are applications of emigration available. He was able to locate about 3600 Dithmarschen emigrants. As the majority of applications were lost or destroyed, less than 10 percent of the total emigrants appear in this document.
  • Emigration out of Schleswig-Holstein, 19th century. at least 55,000 native Schleswigers and Holsteiners who really emigrated, plus an additional 10 % for errors that there may be, and people that I know did not emigrate from Schleswig or Holstein, but from other places. Searching is free, but emigrant's place of origin provided by compiler upon fee payment.
  • Emigrants from Schleswig-Holstein to New Amsterdam (now New York) in 1636-1667. Professor Doctor Eng. Klaus Timm wrote this article about the first known emigrants from Schleswig-Holstein to New Amsterdam (New York) in 1636-1667. You will find the names of the first 75 emigrants here.
  • Emigrants from the District of Rendsburg (529 individuals from Schleswig-Holstein) These 529 emigrants appear in the applications for emigration (Entlassung aus den Nexus) for the years 1868 up to 1884, located in the county-archives of Schleswig under the reference "Abt.309 No.33096 to No.33101". Occasionally, relatives who lived outside of Schleswig-Holstein (e.g.: U.S.A.) are listed. Their names appear in the same reports. N.B.: Since the majority of applications were either lost or destroyed, fewer than 10 percent of actual emigrants appear in this document.
  • Emigrants from the island of Fehmarn 1871-1882 (Schleswig-Holstein) The 189 inhabitants (families) of the isle of Fehmarn listed here filed an application for emigration during the years 1871-1882. N.B.: Since the majority of applications were either lost or destroyed, fewer than 10 percent of actual emigrants appear in this document.
  • Emigration out of Schleswig-Holstein, 19th century a database with approximately 20,000 names
  • Genealogy in Schleswig-Holstein. Compiled by Uwe Jacobsen. He lives in Kiel, the capital of Schleswig-Holstein.

  • Genealogy in Schleswig-Holstein. Hans-Peter Voss. Access to genealogical databases e.g.: family trees, passenger lists, online searchable emigrant listings, and a lot more.
  • Jensen, Wilhelm. Die Kirchenbücher Schleswig-Holsteins, der Landeskirche Eutin und der Hansestädte. 2. Auflage. Neumünster: KarlWachholtz, 1958. (Family History Library Ref943.512 D2q v. 2 1958).
  • Rendsburg, Schleswig-Holstein Applications of Emigration, 1868-1884
  • Schleswig-Holstein Archive. Website for church, community, state and other archives located in Schlewig-Holstein. In German.
  • Smith, Clifford Neal. Emigrants from the island of Foehr (formerly Denmark, now Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) to Australia, Canada, Chile, the United States, and the West Indies, 1850-1875. McNeal, Ariz. : Westland Publications, 1983. iii, 33 p. (German-American genealogical research monograph, ISSN 0094-7806 ; no. 17)  Alphabetical list of emigrants "gleaned from the Hamburg ship lists in the Staatsarchiv Hamburg."