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Pomeranian Genealogy

Kreis Franzburg
 and Franzburg-Barth

Kreis History

  • Vorpommern
  • Franzburg was part of Swedish Vorpommern from 1806, when it was traded to Denmark for Norway in 1814.
  • Franzburg was part of Denmark 1814-1815, and then was traded for the Duchy of Lauenburg in 1815.
  • Franzburg became a Kreis in 1815, and was part of the administrative district of of Stralsund until 1928.
  • On 1 February 1928 Franzburg changed its name to Franzburg-Barth.
  • Franzburg-Barth was part of the administrative district of Stralsund from 1928-1932.
  • Franzburg-Barth was part of the administrative district of Stettin from 1932-1945.
  • Kreiz Franzburg-Barth on the Baltic Sea had four major towns: Barth, Damgarten, Franzburg and Richtenberg.
  • Barth used to belong to the island of Rügen and it lies on a lagoon.
  • During World War II, Barth was the site of a prisoner of war camp for captured airmen, and thus was protected from allied bombing.
  • Barth has a Vineta museum and festival. Vineta is a legendary city, like Atlantis, that sank into the sea, because of the sinfulness of its inhabitants.
  • Damgarten is at the mouth of the Recknitz River forming the border with Mecklenburg. It started out as a fortress built by the princes of Rügen.
  • Damgarten merged with the city of Ribnitz in 1950, and calls itself the "Amber Town" because large deposits of amber are found nearby.
  • The city of Franzburg was established in 1587 by the Pomeranian Duke Bogislaw XIII. In 1648, it became part of Sweden, and in 1815 became Prussian.
  • Richtenberg was first mentioned in 1231 as Kirchdorf. The city was almost completely destroyed by fire in 1728.
  • Richtenberg is known for its famous whiskey distilleries that make "Richtenberger Korn."
  • This county is the most western part of Pomerania and is still a part of Germany.


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