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Pomeranian Genealogy


  • 1793-1794 Land Records of South Prussia. Compiled and posted by R. Reuben Drefs February 2004. This database provides 83 volumes of information from the 1793-1794 South Prussia Land Registration Records. These land records provide the head of household names of nobility villages. They do not include towns and villages owned by the state which are sometimes called crown lands, in German Amtsdoerfer.

  • Deutsches biographisches Archiv 1871-1990. Michael Rademacher.
  • Dr. Rademachers deutsch-österreichisches Ortsbuch 1871-1990. Information about German and Austrian towns from 1871-1990. (Michael Rademacher)
  • Dynamische Linkliste Pommern  Links to Pomeranian information.
  • FEEFHS (Federation of East European Family History Societies) is a major resource for Germanic genealogy searches.
  • GEOserv - a German town locator / Ein Service um Städte in Deutschland zu finden (In English and German)

  • Die Internetseite des Vereins Ostpommern e. V. - Verein für Familienforschung und Heimatkunde. Click on the Kreis site on the map and it will list all of the villages for the Kreis, including population 1905, the village where they attended church, the name of the town for civil registration and the name of the town where the district court (like our courthouse) was located.
  • Immigrant Genealogical Society. Through the IGS Research Committee, volunteers open the unique resources of the Immigrant Library to genealogists across the United States and overseas via mail requests. Searches now offered include: German telephone books on CDs; Numerous maps, gazetteers and atlases; Indexes to surnames researched by German genealogists; Lists of German genealogists; Published lists of arriving immigrants; First Immigrants List database of over 3,500 persons; and over 100 volumes of German genealogies.
  • Most comprehensive database of it’s kind in the world. It contains 60007 locations (Pommern-8211; Posen-7647; Schlesien-13338; Ostpreussen-18694; Westpreussen-8996; and Brandenburg-3121) with over 20,000 name changes once, and 5,500 thrice. All locations are EAST of the Oder and Neisse rivers and are based on the borders of  the eastern provinces in Spring 1918. Included in this database are the following provinces: East Prussia, including Memel, West Prussia, Brandenburg, Posen, Pomerania, and Silesia.  It currently list most towns or points, points being : Mills, some bridges, battlefields, named trees, cenotaphs etc. As more  information becomes available, (books, maps, your input  etc) this database will be updated. Compiled by Uwe-Karsten Krickhah of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. (In German, English and other languages)

  • Kirchenbuch Pommern. Project started in May 2011 to index Pomeranian church records. Gunthard Stübs and the Pommersche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Impressum.
  • Kirchlicher Suchdienst.
    Lessingstraße 3
    80336 München, Germany
    In our documents are registered the Germans, who lived between 1939 and 1945 in the former east areas of Germany as well as Germans, who settled in East Europe and Soviet Union and were forced to leave their home due to flight and ejection. The almost complete data contain current more than 20 Million persons, sorted by their residence in the past.
  • Mecklenburgkontakte. Participant database for family researchers in Mecklenburg.
  • Mecklenburg Emigrant Database.  Information regarding about 10,000 persons has already been entered into the database from documents held by the Mecklenburg Main State Archive at Schwerin. Many of these records are "Permit To Emigrate" forms approved for departing emigrants. Records from other archives holding similar records and from books or articles may be included.

  • Die Organisation der Kirchen in Deutschland 1871-1945.  Churches in Germany, 1871-1945.
  • Pomeranian Villages and Places. Pommern Wegwieser duch ein Unvergessens Land (Pommern Guide to Places) by Johannes Hinz.
  • Pommerndatenbank - the database for genealogy in Pommern. Die Pommerndatenbank ist eine spezielle Datenbank für ganz Pommern, die den Familien- und ortsgeschichtlichen Forschern wertvolle Hilfsmittel und andere Möglichkeiten für ihre Forschung bereitstellen möchte. By Gunthard Stübs.
  • Pommernkontakte. With 3325 participants the Pommernkontakte is the largest and most up-to-date researcher database for family researchers in Pommern. The target of the database is to bring together all Pomeranian family researchers and other interested parties in the internet to allow and encourage contacts and an information exchange.
  • Die Pommerschen Leute in aller Welt (the Pomeranian People in the World). Is a web site by Heinz Dieter Donicht featuring history, emigration, database, maps and photos of Pomerania and Pomeranians who went to Brazil in the 1800’s. Donicht family history and research information is also included. Hosts live Saturday Pommern chats. (In English and German)
  • Pommerscher Verein Freistadt Database Search. Searchable database for Pommern surnames. (In German and English)

  • Preußisches Provinz Pommern (1871-1945). Michael Rademacher.
  • Stübs, Gunthard. "Pommerkontakte: The Virtual Archive for All Pomeranian Family Researchers." Die Pommerschen Leute. 29, 1 (Spring 2006) 6-7. Pommernkontakte is one of the largest archives of genealogy.
  • Stübs, Gunthard. "Pommernkontakte: The Virtual Archive That Can Be Used All [sic]Pomeranian Researchers." Die Pommerschen Leute, 29, 2 (Summer 2006) 29. The database provides an opportunity to get in touch with over 5,000 other family researchers in Pommern.

  • Die Vorfahren Index Search Page. Die Pommerschen Leute. The quarterly publication Die Pommerschen Leute includes family group sheets that have been submitted by our subscribers. The full names for each family group sheet are included in a searchable index so that researchers can locate family group sheets that may be related to their research.