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Pomeranian Genealogy

General Resource Sites

(Allgemeine Informationen)

  • FAQ: Pommern. Frequently asked questions about Pommern. (In English)
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Mecklenburg Genealogy:  An excellent checklist for research in Mecklenburg. (In English)
  • FEEFHS is a major resource for Germanic genealogy searches. (In English)
  • Genealogy and Poland: A Guide.
  • German Genealogy: Mecklenburg. General information, history, association and societies, genealogical and historical records, gazetteers and maps, bibliography and literature, archives and libraries, etc. Contributed by Carol Gohsman Bowen. (In German and English)
  • "Germans to America, lists of passengers arriving at U.S. ports." The book series Germans to America is up to volume 60 now. This series indexes passenger arrival lists from US ports, giving names, ages, occupations, and sometimes places of origin for many German immigrants, grouped by families. It also lists the ship, ports, and the date of the passenger ship list. The quality of the transcription varies, and because of its inclusion criteria, it is to be considered an incomplete index to German passengers, but it still can be quite useful. Make sure you consult the original passenger lists also! These series can be found in many large research and genealogical libraries and should be consulted there. Broderbund publishes most of the book series in CD form: Family Archive CD 355: "Passenger and Immigration Lists: Germans to America, 1850-1874", and Family Archive CD 356: "Passenger and Immigration Lists: Germans to America, 1875-1888". These CDs contain some entries that are absent in the book series. The passengers are listed strictly alphabetically on the CDs; this often makes it difficult to discern family groups properly. They also do not list the port of arrival; for that information you must consult the books instead.  Germans to America : lists of passengers arriving at U.S. Ports 1850-1897.   Edited by Ira A. Glazier and P. William Filby. Wilmington, DE : Scholarly Resources, 1988-  v. : ill. ; 24 cm.  ISBN: 0-8420-2279-1 (set)  LC E184.G3 G38 1988.
  • The History of Pomerania by Myron Gruenwald.
  • Homepage of Gunthard Stuebs. A very complete and detailed page about "Hinter Pommern," the eastern section of Pomerania. (Only portions can be read in English, primarily in German).

  • Homepage of Karin Schoepke. A variety of resources for Pommern research (In German and English).

  • Land Preußen, Provinz Pommern. Historical and statistical information. (In German)
  • Max Kade Institute: Information about Pomerania.  Historical information about Pomerania from the Max Kade Institute at the University of Wisconsin. The Institute has extensive documentary collections relating to German-American history and culture. (In English)
  • Mecklenburg Home Page of Kenneth Gruschow. (In English and German)

  • Pomerania. Short sketch of Pomerania and history. (In English)
  • Pomerania, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. (In English)
  • Pommern. Listing of historical events in Pommern from pre-history to the present. (In German)
  • Pommern Home Page of Guenter Klatt. (In English and German)

  • Pommern – Das Land Am Meer. Site by Gunthard Stuebs that includes information on Pomeranian genealogy, culture, literature, and has a 1938 map of Pommern. Also provides excellent information on all the Kreise (counties). (In German; English under construction)
  • Pommern/Pomerania - A Province of Prussia by Carol Gohsman Bowen. Born in Pomerania in 1932, Bowen produces this page out of respect for her homeland. She discusses the demise of Pomerania and Prussia, the constitution of Prussia, the government of Prussia, Prussia and Wars, Literature, etc. (In German and English)
  • Pommern Roots. Links to information on Pommern. (In English)
  • Pomerania.  Brief history of Pomerania. (In English)
  • Pomerania: from Columbia Encyclopedia.  Brief introduction to Pomerania. (In English)
  • Pomerania: from  Brief description of Pomerania. (In English)
  • The Pomerania Page: Pommern Resources on the FEEHS (Federation of Eastern European Family History Societies) Website.  Includes Die Pommerscher Leute (The Pommern People) Newsletter, Die Vorfahren (the Ancestors) database, listing of books by Myron Gruenwald, and links to maps and other organizations. (In English and German)
  • Die Provinz Pommern im Überblick. An overview of the Province Pomerania. (In German) 
  • Wegweiser für familien- und heimatkundliche Forschung in Pommern. An excellent German-language guide to genealogy in Pomerania. (In German)
  • WorldGenWeb Site for Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Germany edited by Carol Gohsman Bowen. Covers Mecklenburg Schwerin, Mecklenburg Strelitz, the state of Mecklenburg, and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. (In English)