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Pomeranian Genealogy

Professional Researchers, Volunteers & Other Research Services

(Professionelle Forscher, Freiwilliger U. Andere Forschungs Dienstleistungen)

  • Ancestor and family research Uckermark-Niederlausitz.  Ancestor and family research in the areas of Uckermark-Niederlausitz - Brandenburg - Berlin - Pommern - Posen - Prussia, including heritage research - biographical information - translations.

  • Discovering Roots. "Discovering Roots" can help you visit Poland, find your ancestral towns, research your roots and imagine how your ancestors lived here in the old days that are gone, although the traces are still easy to find!
  • Iwona Dakiniewicz,  Polish researcher recommended by Ray Laubsted ( by the Polish Genealogical Society of America.
  • Kacprzak, Aleksandra, Polish guide recommended at Salt Lake Institute.
  • Katarzyna Grycza, Polish guide for Pomeranian genealogical research. Works out of Poznan. 
  • Historical Research Services - Jens. Müller-Koppe. Professional Genealogical Research in North Germany
  • Marek Karczewski, Zawila St. No. 47, 71-499, Szczecin, Poland, Polish guide for Pomeranian genealogical research. The e-mail address is that of his wife. Please note in subject line that the message is for Marek. Another e-mail address is
  • Axel Lubinski (Danziger Strasse 31, D-18107 Rostock, Germany), a university researcher, has compiled information on 17,000 emigrants from Mecklenburg-Strelitz for the period 1847-1893.
  • Dr. Rainer Mühle (Janstrasse 9, D-18057 Rostock, Germany), a university researcher, has compiled information on 35,000 emigrants from the Uckermark, Prignitz, and Ruppin areas of the province of Brandenburg, and from the Kreise of Randow and Lauenburg in Pomerania, for the period 1815 to 1914.
  • Pommernkontakte. Is the largest and most up-to-date researcher database for family researchers in Pommern. The purpose is to bring together all Pomeranian family researchers and other interested parties to encourage contacts and information. It is searchable by surname and lists towns and time periods being researched, as well as the email addresses of the genealogists. (In English and German)
  • Projekt Heimatreisen. Eight German and eight Polish students attending Europa University Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder founded this travel agency in 2002.  They research family histories and organize trips for ethnic Germans, and their descendents, who were expelled from Poland at the end of World War II and beyond. Contact: Projekt Heimatreisen, Jacqueline Nießer, Große Scharrnstreaße 59, 15230 Frankfurt Oder; Tel.: +49-(335)-2801662;
  • Uwe Reich, a university researcher, (Siemensstrasse 12, D-14482 Potsdam, Germany), has compiled information on 12,000 emigrants from the Kreise of Arnswalde and Cottbus (primarily overseas migration); and Friedeberg, Landsberg, and Soldin (primarily Continental migration), in the province of Brandenburg, for the period 1816 to 1893.
  • Martin Sohn, lives in Burow, Kreis Demmin.  (E-mail: Is knowledgeable in Pommern history and is familiar with research at the various archives in Greifswald, Stettin, etc. He travels to Poland for research and will send research results via e-mail. His rates are reasonable and he knows most of the parish pastors in Vorpommern. (Recommended by Warren Wolf - and Jeff Koepke -
  • Genealogy Helplist - Germany  Volunteers who will do genealogical searching. (In English)
  • Historic Emigration Office  The Historic Emigration Office has the passenger lists of all emigration ships which departed from Hamburg between 1850 and 1934. These lists include about 5 million names on over 400 microfilms. If they are going to help with your research, they need the EXACT year of emigration of your ancestors. If you know for certain your ancestors departed from the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven, there is nothing they can do to help. The passenger lists from Bremen were destroyed in World War II. Will search the Hamburg Passenger Departure Lists for a fee. (In Egnlish and German)
  • Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness. The 4293 volunteers of this movement have agreed at least once per month to do a research task in their local area as an act of kindness. The cost to you would be reimbursing the volunteer for his expenses in fulfilling your request (video tape, copy fees, etc.). This is not a FREE service.
  • Research Help edited by Carol Gohsman Bowen. How to get started on German genealogical research and suggestions on some researchers.
  • Übersetzungsdienst / Translation Service - nur für genealogische Texte / only for genealogy related material. Free translation service for Czech, English, Dutch, French, German and Polish genealogical materials from
  • Walsch, Bryan. Guide in USA for Polish records.