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Pomeranian Genealogy

Transportation in Pomerania


Stettin was an important port on the Baltic Sea.  After Hamburg and Bremen, it was the third largest in Germany.  Before a canal was built from Berlin to Hamburg, the port of Stettin was the favored port for Berlin.  An outer port at Swinemünde, located 45 miles upstream along the Oder River, served Stettin.  Other smaller port towns in Pomerania were Greifswald, Stralsund and Kolsberg.  These housed fishing fleets and ferry service.

A railroad was built between Berlin and Stettin in 1843.  From Stettin it was connected to Stargard in 1846, Köslin in 1858, Stolp in 1869, and Danzig in 1870. In 1863 a line from Stettin to Stralsund was completed. (From: Herrick, Linda M. and Wendy K. Uncapher. Pomerania: Atlantic Bridge to Germany.  Origins, 2005)

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