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Pomeranian Genealogy

Pomeranian Adventure Tour
May 13-24, 2007

A group of 42 individuals took part May 13-24, 2007 in the Pomeranian Adventure Tour, a trip to some of the areas that formerly comprised the Prussian province of Pomerania.  Many in the group were affiliated with the Pommerscher Verein Freistadt in Germantown, Wisconsin.

The tour, sponsored by WTKM radio station in Hartford, Wisconsin, included stops in Hamburg, Schwerin, Wismar, Rostock, Klockenhagen, Stralsund, Greifswald, and Island of Rügen in northern Germany, and then Kolorbrzeg (Kolberg), Gdansk (Danzig), Malbork, and Szczecin (Stettin) in Poland.  The trip ended in Berlin, with a side trip to Potsdam.

Most of the participants in the tour traced at least some of their ancestral roots to Pomerania (Pommern).  Many in the group engaged in individualized side trip during the tour to visit ancestral villages and homes, and a few lost family members were found.

Below are links to information, including pictures, of areas visited on the tour.  The text and pictures are by Duane Bogenschneider unless otherwise noted.  The page is still under construction, and information and pictures will be added on an ongoing basis.

The Group Hamburg Schwerin
Wismar Rostock Klockenhagen
Stralsund Greifswald Island of Rügen
German Countryside Kolobrzeg (Kolberg) Kartuzy and the Kashubians
Gdansk (Danzig) Malbork (Marienburg) Szczecin (Stettin)
Polish Countryside Berlin Potsdam

Individual Side Trips

Below are submissions of information and pictures from group members who took side trips to home villages in the former Pomeranian and/or other east Prussian provincial areas.

  • Jane Teschke (Minnesota) -- Krause Family Villages, Kreis Schlochau, West Prussia (Debrzno, Poland)
  • Beth Marshall (California) -- Visits Ancestral Areas in Cantnitz, Mecklenburg Vorpommern and Stralsund, Germany.
  • Duane Bogenschneider (Wisconsin) -- Bogenschneider Family Villages, Kreis Randow, Pommern

Special and Miscellaneous Information from the Tour